Asmara Coffee House

Organic African Premium Coffee
Officially open on Monday February 10, 2020!
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Our Location

700 York Street
London, Ontario

Our Hours

Weekdays 7am to 7pm
Saturday 7am to 7pm
Sunday Closed



Asmara Caffee, located at 809 Dundas Street East in London Ontario Canada, was founded in August 2012 by Misgna Menameno. Misgna, a master roaster, sought to the introduce coffee making expertise from Eritrea, Africa (bordering on Ethiopia). Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea, is known for its unique methods of brewing coffee directly from coffee seeds unequaled by other methods. The business philosophy at Asmara Coffee House is to emulate the care taken within these traditional methods to allow patrons a coffee experience second to none. Just one visit to Asmara Coffee House will convince you that each coffee you drink can be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

In February 2020 Asmara Caffee moved to its present location at 700 York Street London as was rebranded as Asmara Coffee House.

Misgna Menameno Owner/Roaster



The best coffee anywhere. Our coffee is freshly roasted and brewed onsite, using only the finest Ethiopian coffee. Try it and you will be hooked!


We have a wide assortment of breakfast and lunch choices. We also offer seasonal ice cream and desserts.


Available in store we have 1 lb bags of both unroasted and freshly roasted beans. We specialize in organic Ethiopian Yirga Chefe.

Free Wifi

We are happy to offer our patrons free wifi during your time with us.

 Fresh Roasted Coffee

Our customers LOVE our Coffee! You will too!

 Breakfast and Lunch

We offer delicious breakfast and lunch options and also offer (seasonally) ice cream!



Unroasted (Green)


We offer both roasted and unroasted beans for your brewing pleasure!


Address: 700 York Street, London, Ontario
Phone: 519.913.3440
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